The future is there... looking back at us. Trying to make sense of the fiction we will have become.

― William Gibson
Pattern Recognition

Naismith Labs researches, designs and develops solutions that allow companies and brands to occupy new territory in a constantly evolving digital landscape.

BLKMRKT exists to create meaningful IRL experiences at the intersection of culture and commerce. We built a platform that enables brands and artists to create location sensitive pop-up shops stacked with exclusive offerings while requiring physical proximity to unlock.

We extended the platform to allow our vendor’s to create and distribute non-fungible token collectibles on the Ethereum blockchain that allows them to release and reclaim the tokens with their audiences however they see fit.

Product design & development, iPhone application development, custom CMS & E-commerce platform backend with API and ERC-20 smart contract integration.

immersive E-Commerce R&D

Kanye West & Nick Knight were co-chairing a deep-dive into a futuristic take on e-commerce for two years before tapping Naismith Labs to tackle the ambitious job of bringing live models into an immersive experience that allowed users to shop-the-look like never before.

We built scalable custom photo stage & capture software to manage the ~8000 video clips that would comprise all possible wearable combinations across an initial 8 prototype models. With this substantial asset capture workflow and library in hand, we scaffolded a unique webGL experiential e-comm enabled web framework allowing the user to step inside this uncanny forthcoming world of YZYSPLY.

Custom stage & bulk capture software, HTML/Javascript/WEBGL, custom shader development, photography, video, editing/transcoding, motion compositions and responsive design, rapid prototyping and implementation.

legacy preservation PLATFORM & SERVICES

We set out to capture an archive of over 5000 shoes for Kanye West’s Yeezy brand. In doing so, we developed a comprehensive pipeline for not only accomplishing the arduous task at hand but also laying foundation of a service platform for other artists, estates, brands and collectors doing the same.

Ardefakt is a world-class archive solution that custom digitizes and organizes all classifications of pursuits for achieving legacy preservation, organizational agility & seamless monetization opportunities.

Custom bulk capture Software, audit/inventory/capture service pipeline, custom DAM software and platform integration.

Mixed-Reality Mirror & commerce platform

MIRRXR, an ongoing research & development project at Naismith Labs, proposes an exciting way for brands to showcase and sell their apparel through a digital mirror fitting experience. The platform maps apparel items to the viewer's optical reflection creating a more visceral experience as compared to augmenting the more common camera/display capture.

The project has presented an opportunity for Naismtih to flex into a wide array of emerging technologies including depth cameras for spatial recognition, computer vision and applied body tracking, photogrammetry and 3D scanning and Unity application development.

Specialized Hardware & Software Stack Development, Unity Application Development, Azure Kinect SDK, Photogrammetry and 3D-Scanning & Artwork Pipeline